Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Substitutions

One of the hardest parts of going vegetarian is giving up your favorite meats. I know that I miss the steak from Arigato's..It's tough to say no to!

But, thankfully, there are many options to satisfy your cravings. They may actually be healthier for you!

Here are some of my favorites.
1. Morning Star breakfast patties

I love these, They taste great and are easy to make with your breakfast. I love sausage patties, but I love these better. Morning Star also makes spicy breakfast patties, and maple syrup flavored patties.

2. Vegetarian meatballs

These are awesome. They take a few seconds in the microwave and they go perfectly with a plate of spaghetti. They're not too big, so you can add a few to each of your dishes. These would also be perfect for a mock meatball sub. I think I'll try that sometime!

3. Vegetarian ground beef

I haven't tried to make veggie ground beef into veggie patties, but I think that would be a great idea! What I have done, however, was make tacos with this ground beef. They tasted great!

4. Boca burgers

I hope you've heard of these. Boca burgers, which are made from soy protein and wheat gluten, are a great substitute for the average burger. These burgers aren't as thick as a home-made patty, but they're healthy and easy to make. Much faster than starting a regular burger from scratch!

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