Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An unlikely dessert..just trust me on this one.

You probably feel conflicted right now.
It's going to take some blind faith, but just trust me with this recipe.

One night I really wanted a s'more, but I had no graham crackers. Of COURSE this craving came after all the stores had closed and it just wasn't right. Just as I was admitting defeat, fiance to the rescue! He made one of these, gave it to me and holy took me to a different dimension, people. Once again, I've included pictures: the S'MORE SAUCER recipe after the jump!

difficulty: 1/10
time: <2 minutes

A rainy night in---what's there to cook?

Preface: Many people, even vegetarians, dismiss tofu because of its appearance. Meat-eaters don't believe that it has any benefits, and typically assume that tofu's just for vegetarians and vegans. Americans don't have many opportunities to try tofu, which is curdled soybean milk, especially because mainstream restaurants rarely use it.  Truthfully, I didn't think tofu looked good at all when I was a kid, but it's something you have to try. Beyond its squishy exterior, tofu is a great source of iron and vitamin B! With that said, I decided to work with an easy recipe and replace the meat with tofu. Keep reading!

This was the forecast for yesterday evening! Cody, my fiance, wanted me to go grocery shopping before the storm hit land, but it was too late--we were stuck inside and weren't malicious enough to order a pizza.With a tornado warning effective until 9 p.m., it was clear we weren't going anywhere. Although we were prisoners of our apartment, Cody and I decided to make the best with the food we had. We had one goal, one recipe, one box of tofu. Angel hair with tofu, anyone?

difficulty: 3/10
time: <20 minutes