Thursday, February 17, 2011

Campus Veggie

Hey everybody!

Remember my last post? Remember how you guys hate tofu and vegetarian stuff? I know you're all trying to look for excuses to eat that fast food in the Marshall Student Center. I understand that Sbarro's pizza is chanting your name, but have you thought about the healthier options on campus? Possibly even MAYBE the vegetarian options (Just say yes because I'm asking)? Let me throw some ideas at you:
  • POD Market
  • Tofu bowl
  • Vegan options
  • New vegan dining hall

Now that I've reeled you in, more after the jump!

First, let me show you some dining locations on campus. I took the liberty of putting a line around the delicious vegetarian-friendly places--you're welcome!
Prepare for feasting.

So where do we go from here? Well, let's explore Juniper Poplar's Provisions on Demand (P.O.D.) Market.

The P.O.D. Market has a great amount of vegan, vegetarian and meat options. Let's see:

This are all healthy drinks, Yay soy milk!

For all of your chicken cravings--look at this. Mm!

Hunan dumplings..veggie style. Look mom, no pork! (too cliche?)

 I generally see these gluten-free and non-dairy products at Target. But if you live on campus, these would be great for lunch or dinner.
Something I like about ready-made meals is that you don't have to work to make them--it's a great way to be lazy and still be a little healthy (minus the preservatives). Just behind this shelf is a barbecue/steakhouse counter. It's really a nice place to go, even though it's more like a small convenience store.

Behind that is Juniper Poplar's dining hall, which is great. They always have a lot of things, but be wary of the waffle maker. No matter how much you want a waffle, 75 percent of the time your waffle will not come out looking too good--AKA you will be scraping the waffle out of the press for the next five minutes in front of everybody.

Sometimes the Marshall Student Center has really delightful vegetarian options. My favorite is tofu and rice! I's so delicious. Yes, I love it, and there's no reason why you shouldn't. It's official name? "Grilled Tofu Bowl." No need to thank me.
Want to get closer?


The problem I've found with the Marshall Student Center's dining hall is some vegetarian options are boring. Chick-Fil-A? I guess you could get some fries. Sbarro? A small salad or spaghetti with a greasy garlic breadstick. Subway? Well..not too much. Whenever I go to Subway I get a footlong sub with cheese and lettuce--and they're VERY liberal with the lettuce, in case your were wondering. It reminds me of the trainers at Lowry Park Zoo feeding the manatees..seriously. There's SO much lettuce. Anyway, some of my favorite things in MSC are from Miso and Moe's. Miso, a small Japanese place, puts out pre-made grab 'n go meals, like the delicious tofu bowl.

"Moes?" you ask. "But tacos only taste good with meat."

Well you're wrong. Surprised?

Yes, there is a tofu taco. Yes, you are enticed by its glory. Moe's did a great job with this. Even though it looks fairly unimpressive, be impressed! USF has a supply of tofu, and you know where it is. Go forth! Seek the tofu. Can I tell you a story? Let me tell you a story. My friend Sarah, who is a vegan, didn't like tofu when she decided to first become a vegetarian.

"I just never ever had a chance to try it," Sarah said. "It just seemed bland, boring, tasteless..I couldn't find anything interesting about it."

Now, Sarah says, she enjoys using tofu in her recipes.

"I put it in ice cream, I put it in muffins, I love tofu," she said. "I have to use it in recipes just to challenge myself!"

But I digress--anyway, tofu is pretty cool in my opinion. I hope you think so too!

My goal was to inform you all of vegetarian options on campus, and what casual eats you could digest in between classes. It's important to find vegetarian options that aren't our of your way so you don't get discouraged. Even if you don't want to be a vegetarian--which is your personal choice!--I'd suggest trying some vegetarian options on Meatless Monday and throughout the week.

Also, I didn't get to adding a photo of the new student dining facility, which will be mostly vegan, to my blog last week. Here you go! (like my caption says, from

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