Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An unlikely dessert..just trust me on this one.

You probably feel conflicted right now.
It's going to take some blind faith, but just trust me with this recipe.

One night I really wanted a s'more, but I had no graham crackers. Of COURSE this craving came after all the stores had closed and it just wasn't right. Just as I was admitting defeat, fiance to the rescue! He made one of these, gave it to me and holy took me to a different dimension, people. Once again, I've included pictures: the S'MORE SAUCER recipe after the jump!

difficulty: 1/10
time: <2 minutes

S'more Saucer recipe:
1 soft tortilla
1 large marshmallow
3 Hershey's kisses

Lie the tortilla flat, then put the marshmallow in the center.

Put the Hershey's kisses in a triangle like so.

Microwave it all for 25-30 seconds, or until the marshmallow is soft.

The marshmallow should be soft and gooey. The kisses warm up easily, so it's just the marshmallow that you need to watch. Be careful! The tortilla might be a little hot.

When the marshmallow is soft enough, start folding the edges inward like so:

There may still be a gap in the center where the edges don't meet--don't worry about that. Flip it over and let it cool!

Are you excited? Don't you feel like you've embarked on the culinary adventure of a lifetime? Well, you have. Here we are, the fiance and I, celebrating the creation of one of the first s'more saucers.

It tastes THAT good.
Next time you start to crave something sweet, think of this recipe! I hope you share this unusual dessert with your family and friends.

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